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Computing science Author

I graduated in 2000 with an Engineering degree in Computer science (Isima) and a Master's degree (Dea) in Operations research. Since then I've been a Development Engineer, since 2016 as a Freelancer. For a few years I've been writing Computer science books in French, published by Éditions ENI (author page). Among others: WPF in 2017, C# Exam 70-483 in 2018 (no longer sold by the publisher but available on Amazon), Quantum Computing with Microsoft Q# then Pygame (1st ed.) in 2019, PyQt5 in 2021, Rust in 2022 and the 2nd edition of Pygame in 2023. The Spanish edition of Pygame (2nd ed.) is published in July 2023 by Ediciones ENI. The book is also available on Amazon. In September 2023, I'm writing a book about NLP and Python.

I have also shot videos with Éditions ENI: Flask in 2020, and Quantum Computing in 2023.

Since 2019, I've been writing articles for the Computer science magazine Programmez! about various topics, Pygame, Quantum Computing or PyCommonist, a program (Github here) I created in Python/PyQt that lets you upload images to Wikimedia Commons. I've also spoken at Programmez! Devcon #10 and #18 about Quantum computing. I co-organized and participated as a speaker in Devcon #19 100% GreenIT, in April 2023 in Lyon, France.

Non-Computing topics Author

I'm passionate about a wide range of subjects, such as cycling, history of sport, industrial History, local culture, cuisine, social movement, quantum physics, music, amusement parks, video games, and so on.

I wrote about cycling (list of articles) for the DirectVelo website from 2015 until around 2020. I also auto-published a short biography of cycling champion Jean Forestier.

Since 2020, I've been writing biographical entries (list of articles) for the Dictionaries Le Maitron.

Since 2018, as a local press correspondent, I've written numerous articles in Le Journal de la Côtière (list of articles), then in Bugey-Côtière (list of articles), mostly about local history and local sport.

I've been studying Sociology since 2008, obtaining a Bachelor's degree (2010) and then a Master's degree (2013). I'm currently pursuing a Phd in Sociology about the literary work of Guillaume Dustan. I occasionally write about Human sciences, like this book chapter about Wikipedia (2021). Other publications in the Humanities are supposed to be listed on my CV HAL.

I've been a Wikipedian since November 2010; when I have the time, I write articles in Wikipedia in French.


I take photographs every day, wherever I am, mainly with my smartphone, which I then upload to Wikimedia Commons under a CC0 license: Photographs category on Wikimedia Commons (>42.000 photographs, 2023-08-20), Latest photographs uploaded, represents about 8 photographs per day.

When I can't upload to Wikimedia Commons (for copyright reasons), I upload them to Flickr in the meantime.

I'm also involved in two collaborative projects in which photography is central: Photographes en Rhône-Alpes (a project by Lyon's municipal library documenting the Lyon region) and Pss-Archi (a website making an inventory relating to architecture and urban planning).

I also have an Instagram account on which I mainly post food photos.


I produced and presented the weekly radio program Culture(s) Numérique(s) on Radio Pluriel in 2019-2020. All 37 podcasts are here, some under CC0 license on Wikimedia Commons.

In 2022-2023, I produced a monthly radio column about digital on RCF Pays de l'Ain, Instant(s) Numérique(s).

Collaborative knowledge projects

I contribute daily to Wikimedia Commons transversally with Wikidata and OpenStreetMap.

I also contribute to iNaturalist. I also occasionally contribute to Open Food Facts.